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AbDominator is the premier, unrestricted, multidirectional core workout device available — period! With its patented roller-ball technology and ball overmolding the AbDominator lets you smoothly work in any direction. Rather than working your abs alone, with the AbDominator you get a complete core workout that also hits your arms, back, legs and butt. With the AbDominator, you control the intensity. It means anyone at any fitness level can get a workout within a few minutes.

“I want to stress to you upfront that the AbDominator alone is not enough for great abs. Unlike other products that say, “use our product and get ripped abs”, we say you also need proper nutrition, proper hydration, proper rest, and regular exercise. All of these are contributing factors for great looking abs. See more about nutrition on our NUTRITION tab.” – Michael Barney Inventor


Please continue browsing our website to learn more about the story behind the AbDominator. You can also read about the AbDominator in the press, as it’s been endorsed by the media and professional athletes alike.  Contact us should you have any questions or comments about the AbDominator. Thanks for visiting us. Pretty soon, you’ll be AbDominating toward a better core.

Philadelphia Action News 6 interviews AbDominator at open call for Shark Tank

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