Hi, I’m Michael Barney, inventor of the AbDominator. Between my second and third back surgeries my doctor knowing I was a workout fanatic asked me what kind of core exercises I did. I told him the same thing I’d been doing for years in the Army and as a competitive athlete, traditional sit-ups and crunches along with various other core exercises. He told me he suspected that my discs were wearing out due to super loading of my lower back. He explained that sit-ups and crunches were the worst thing for my back, and that those exercises when performed added thousands of pounds of pressure on my lower back. He suggested I eliminate those exercises and focused on core exercises that didn’t put pressure on my back.

The idea for this unrestricted core workout came very late one night. I awoke suddenly with one of those “Eureka!” moments. For the longest time, I had been struggling to rebuild my core. After almost 8 years of military service and a lifetime of competitive athletics, I had to undergo four knee surgeries and three lower-back surgeries, all within six year period. I was accustomed to being in great shape, and rehab although was good, it still left me unable to do the workouts which I relied upon so much — especially the ones that hit my core. I thought, there has to be a simple way to get a workout that hits my entire core.

At the gym, those old ab dollies and wheels produced the workout I needed, but with great effort. The ab dolly, with its swinging wheels, made it too difficult to change direction. The ab wheel only let me go forward and back, limiting the muscle groups I could hit.

The inspiration for the AbDominator came when I was going through some old computer junk in a box, and found an old mouse that used a roller ball. With the roller ball, I mused, the mouse could move in any direction. I went to bed that night with the concept in my head. Then, at three in the morning I snapped awake with the idea for the AbDominator. Like the roller-ball mouse, the AbDominator relies on unrestricted, multi-directional movement to give you a complete core workout.

The AbDominator was engineered to hold and tested at 400lbs. We certified it for 350lbs. Since we were only using plastics, I engineered it like an airplane wing. If you ever look out the window while on a flight the wing moves up and down, that’s called wing oscillation.  If the wing were too ridgid it would snap off in flight…not so good for you or the airline. With this in mind the AbDominator® will flex under your weight, but it will hold you.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, physical trainer, gym owner, or someone who’s just trying to get in shape, the AbDominator® is a must-have piece of equipment. – Stacy Michaels