Jacob Graham

In 2016, Jacob won the title of Classic Mr. Atlas. As an avid professional body builder, Jacob is consistantly striving to improve the symmetry of his body. Being a professional body builder, and a full time masters student is tough, but he is used to hard work. “The AbDominator really works my core, I can definitely feel it!”

Stacy Michaels

Stacy has been a fitness specialist and working personal trainer & nutritionist for over 15 years with certifications from ACE, IFPA and FiTour. She is an Award Winning Miss Bikini Competitor, Fitness Model and has worked with various companies and products as a top Spokesperson in her field. She is also in the top 1% of her field in owning a successful personal training facility and online business. “I use it and I recommend my clients to use it.”

Jerny Rieves CSCS, PES, CES Jerny is a popular speaker, adjunct professor, author, radio personality and health coach. She has 30 years experience educating and motivating groups and individuals to better themselves through healthy behavior change.

“The AbDominator is a fantastic tool for all fitness levels. Its versatility allows for challenging workouts that keep you motivated for years to come. Its portability, and the small amount of workout space required, makes it an ideal tool for core work anytime, anywhere! The additional resources and instruction that are included at no extra cost make it a “must have” for anyone serious about improving overall fitness. I highly recommend the AbDominator for all of my clients and athletes.” – Jerny Rieves

Tony Mandarich, is a former NFL offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts, twice appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1989 & 1992, as well as being a 2 time AP “All-American” at Michigan State University in 1987–1988. Tony was also 2 time “Big Ten Lineman of the Year” in 1987-1988.

He has overcome a controversial sports career and earned the Comeback Player of the Year in 1996 with the Indianapolis Colts. Tony has now focused his eye on his passion of photography and is building a career on the other side of the camera, which includes portrait, sports & fitness photography.

Patty Wilson
Patty is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition & lifestyle coach, figure competitor and fitness model. She is also a sponsored Athlete with Optimum Nutrition. Patty works with all types of clients looking to lose weight, body-fat, gain muscle and sometimes add weight. She is also specialized in working with Figure and Bikini competitors. She is a firm believer that as a fitness role model, you should practice what you preach. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and loves sharing that dedication with others. “Exercise gives me discipline, determination and dedication.”

“As a personal trainer and fitness model for over 15+ years. I’ve found core workouts to be the most integral part of a thorough routine. The AbDominator is a unique product that provides a complete core workout. I’ve never worked with anything so small and portable yet intense enough for a pro athlete and easy enough for the average person. Nothing provides the kind of results you get from AbDominator, I recommend it to all my clients and friends.” – Patty Wilson